Design The Interface

What Is Interface?

The interface of the interactive video are the elements you decide to put on top of your video to control it. Start planning and designing your interface during the ideation stages of your project.  The buttons, timers and other elements can’t be separated\from the rest of the the interactive video. You can use the Style Tab gallery […]

Editing in the Node Editor

These are the editing options available in the node editor: Under the elements List: Add new button. Add new timer – Note that all timers will reflect the same amount of time left until the end of the node. You may wish to add extra timers for visual effect. Delete element (same as Delete button […]

Timing & Effect

The video monitor in the Node Editor enables you to preview the node and control when the buttons and timer will appear and disappear. The fade in and fade out effect needles mark where the elements start to fade in and where the fade out effect starts.   Appear & Disappear Effects You can determine […]

Upload Custom Elements

You can create your own buttons and timers outside of Eko Studio and upload them to the Library. Image Button You can upload an image (in a supported format) to Eko Studio and then drag it from the Library directly onto the button. From there you can adjust the transform settings of the button as you wish. Button/Timer Skin […]

Design Presets

This feature allows you to save an element’s design and structure as a preset, then apply it onto a large number of nodes in one simple drag & drop action. You can apply a preset directly from the library by dragging the preset from the Design Presets library and dropping it on any of the […]

Custom Button Sound

Custom Button Sound You can control the sound your buttons make when a viewer clicks at a decision point. Using the drop down menu, you can select the default sound (“ding”), no sound, or a sound from the available audio files in your Asset Library. Note that only files 3 seconds or shorter will appear […]

Action Tab

In the Element Action tab you can choose what will happen when a button is clicked. Button types: Graphic (No Action): Allows you to include text or a graphic on the screen. Select Node: Connects a node to any node in the screen (including previous nodes and itself). You can also choose when the connection […]

Style Tab

Gallery  A collection of pre-designed buttons, just pick a style and you’re ready to go.             Options Each button and timer skin is now customizable from within Eko Studio. To further customize an element’s appearance and behavior, open it in the Button Editor.

Transform Tab

Change the position, size, rotation, and opacity of the elements. To maintain an element’s height to width ratio, click the link icon between the two before resizing. Tip: To help you position the element, switch ‘on’ the grid icon in the Node Editor preview window.